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Manor Nurseries

03 - Mar - 2015

Your local choice for popular plants

Cacti and Succulents

The Cactus Collection at Manor Nurseries

Hoodia juttae
Cactus flower

The Cactus Collection at Manor Nurseries

Manor Nurseries in Angmering village is home to one of the largest private collections of cacti and succulents in West Sussex - and indeed, the country.

Cacti and Succulents from around the world

Started in 1948 by Rob and Anne Lovejoy, the collection has grown over the years to comprise several hundred species of cacti and succulents. They have gathered seeds and specimens from every corner of the world ... Mexico, USA, Chile, Bolivia, Israel, South Africa ... to mention only a few.

An awesome floral display

During the spring and summer, the collection is ablaze with flowers of all colours!

Cactus species on display include Astrophytum, Azureocereus, Buiningia, Carnegia (Saguaro), Cereus, Cleistocactus, Copiapoa, Coryphantha, Dolichothele, Echinocactus (the Barrel Cactus as seen in westerns!), Echinofossulocactus, Echinocereus, Echinopsis, Espostoa, Ferocactus, Gymnocalycium, Haageocereus, Hamatocactus, Hildewintera, Lobivia, Leuchtenbergia, Lophophora, Mammillaria, Matucana, Melocactus, Myrtillocactus, Neochilenia, Neoporteria, Neobuxbaumia, Notocactus, Obregonia, Opuntia, Oreocereus, Oroya, Parodia, Pilosocereus, Rebutia, Seticereus, Stenocactus, Stenocereus, Stetsonia, Thelocactus, Trichocereus,Weingartia... and more!

Succulents include Adromischus, Aeonium, Agave, Aloe, Argyroderma, Bryophyllum, Cheiridopsis, Crassula, Conophytum, Cotyledon, Dioscorea, Dudleya, Dyckia, Echeveria, Epiphyllum, Euphorbia, Faucaria, Fenestraria, Gasteria, Gibbaeum, Graptopetalum, Graptoveria, Haworthia, Hoodia, Kalanchoe, Kleinia, Lithops, Monvillea, Pachyphytum, Pleiospilos, Sedum, Senecio, Stapelia, Titanopsis ...

This year we had a weird and wonderful Hoodia juttae in flower ... the first time any of us had seen one!

Click on any name that is underlined to see photos of that genus ...

Please come visit us!

This wonderful and unique collection is open to the public during the normal garden centre hours. Cactus societies and private collectors are welcome to contact us if they would like to arrange visits outside of working hours.

There is a constantly changing range of cacti and succulents for sale, including some large specimens which are already several years old - all of which have been grown on our own nursery.

To see some amazing photos of the cacti in flower, click on Cacti ...

And to see the succulents, click on Succulents!



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